First 5 Mods: 2017 Triumph Thruxton

The first modifications we would make to Triumph's modern cafe racer

Triumph's Thruxton is (in my humble opinion) one of the best bikes to blend style and performance in years. It's fast, smooth and damn fine to look at. Naturally, when focusing on speed and style, certain comforts are going to fall by the wayside. Luckily for all of us, there are aftermarket parts for that. Here are the first five things we would do to wake up the Thruxton and add a little bit of our creature comforts!

Waxed Cotton Sadlebags - $690
Maybe it's because I've been writing for our sister-pub Baggers too much, but I have grown so accustomed to having some form of built-in carry system that it get's hard to leave them behind. These new leather and canvas bags from Triumph won't much up the clean lines of your bike too muc with the classy leather and canvas, but will add some serious convenience.
Triumph America
Arrow 2-1 Exhaust - $1250
Exhaust is one of the first things people change on most bike for two very important reasons-- power and sound. The Arrow 2-1 will add some power and open up the sound of that 1200cc engine even more.
Triumph Motorcycles
Adjustable levers - $225
When it comes to manipulating the way you feel on a bike, the pieces that you interact with directly have a big effect. Changing out your levers can seem like a small thing, but being one of the most important ways you interact with your bike, you'll notice a big difference. Aftermarket levers can be lighter, slimmer, textured, or colored to match your bike-- there's many ways they feel better than stock.
Grab Rail - $245
If you don't like having the saddlebags on (or even if you do), the grab rail is an awesome option for tie-down straps or for a passenger to hold on to. An added benefit is that it still totally fits the classic cafe racer style of the Thruxton.
Flyscreen Kit- $250 Don't be fooled by the small size of the Triumph flyscreen, this thing actually does some serious work when it comes to deflecting wind and.. well... flies. Won't hurt the classic cafe racer look, and adds a bit of functionality. Also, easy to paint to match the rest of your bike!Triumph America