Firebrand Design Debuts 5 New Exhaust Styles

Handmade Mufflers for Harley-Davidson cruisers

Drawing from years of experience, Firebrand focuses their attention on the engineering details that really make a difference, resulting not only in a great looking pipe with power and amazing sound, but one that delivers all of that at a tremendous value. All of their pipes are handmade in the USA in their shop in Anaheim, California. With unique and attractive designs and a performance driven mentality, we're sure that Firebrand will see a lot of success.

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FireBrand FiftyTwo52

$799.95 The FiftyTwo52 was engineered with one priority: performance.
Firebrand's proprietary Powercurve, True-Merge Collector, 1 ¾" matched ratio head pipes, and a 2 ½" free flowing, perforated core baffle achieve the best combination of horsepower and torque. Available for Sportsters, Softails and Dynas in Chrome and Black.

FireBrand 3" Loose Cannon Slip-Ons

$349.95 Your bike is your alter ego, so make sure it is as dark as you are with the 3" Loose Cannon Black. Race-inspired baffles; flash suppressor end treatments; and handcrafted quality deliver deep sound, great performance and excellent value. Available for Sportsters, Softails and Dynas in chrome or black.

FireBrand Double Downs

$849.95 Double Downs were designed to not only look great, but also deliver a unique muscular sound and improved performance. Four 2 ½" quadradical mufflers provide the style, while stainless baffles featuring twincore technology deliver the sound and performance. Double Downs fit with OEM and most aftermarket head pipes.

FireBrand Grand Prix Slip-Ons

$649.95 Grand Prix Slip-Ons take Firebrand's aggressive styling to the next level with chrome hex end treatments inside black billet end caps. 4" mufflers and free flowing baffles engineered for today's larger displacements deliver increased performance, and a sound so deep you can feel it. Available in chrome or black.

FireBrand Upstarts

$574.95 Upstarts feature 1 ¾" head pipes stepped to 2 ½" Quadradical up-slash muffler bodies with perforated core baffles. Head pipe heat shields, 18mm O2 ports with 12mm inserts, and handcrafted fit and finish round out the package. Available for Sportsters, Softails and Dynas in chrome or black.