DMD Racer Helmet Review

Retro styled helmet from italian manufacturer DMD Helmets

This is a great looking helmet. It looks to me like a cross between a Simpson Bandit and an old Bell Moto 3. But the appeal of the DMD Racer does not stop there, it is lighter weight then most of it's retro-styled counterparts and quite aerodynamic. While the helmet does not come with a visor, they do offer a snap-on one on their website for about $38. The styling of the helmet seems to welcome goggles more than any other type or eyewear, however, as fitting sunglasses in between my face and the impact foam seemed to be a bit of a challenge. Without goggles or a visor the wind tends to shoot straight down the opening and get quite loud. Also, the helmet fits about one half size small and favors those with rounder heads, rather than oval like mine. There are no vents on the helmet but with the wide opening and no visor, that is not too much of a problem. If you're looking for a good-looking alternative to the Biltwell Gringo or Bell Bullitt, the DMD Racer could be an affordable choice that you are less likely to see someone else wearing. DOT and ECE approved, this helmet retails for $261.

For more info on DMD Helmets check out their US website DMDHelmet.US