DEI Protect-A-Wire

Keep your wires, cables and hoses safe from the heat

Protect-A-Wire by Design Engineering, Inc.D.E.I.

In addition to electrical wires, DEI Protect-A-Wire Line & Hose Sleeving is also useful for insulating cables and hoses running near exhaust or engine heat. Resistant to oil and chemicals, they are safe to use on oil and fuel supply lines as well. Available in multiple diameters and colors, Protect-A-Wire Line & Hose Sleeving is woven glass fiber material that is heat treated, saturated with an acrylic binder, and good up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This offers superior heat protection and abrasion resistance over typical PVC or nylon sleeving. The DEI kit includes military-spec, thick-wall, 3:1 shrink ratio tubing to form a watertight protective barrier and seal the ends.

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