Dainese 36060: Italian Heritage

Dainese introduces heritage line with real history

These days we are seeing more and more "heritage" and "work wear" lines and it seems that those terms aren't carrying the weight they used to. Heritage seems to mean "some natural leather" and work wear just means "canvas" most of the time. I feel like every time I open Instagram I see another Supply Co. that just started selling "new old stock wool blankets," and I am quickly growing tired of it. But don't misunderstand me, I like work wear and I love heritage. I just want the companies behind them to actually have some heritage to draw on. Dainese was started in 1972 and has pulled from those 40+ years of experience in making the finest motorcycle safety gear to bring you some of the highest quality and best looking gear on the market. The styles don't look like they're trying to be anything other than what they are: functional and stylish. You'll see trousers with Kevlar reinforced knees and coccyx and Pro-Shape protectors in the shoulders and elbows of some of the jackets, but you would never be able to tell by looking. The line blends some classic western styles, nautical themes, and old-school motorcycle designs to bring you the ultimate blend of safety and cool.

dainese racing leathers

To shop the Dainese 36060 line or find out more information, please visit 36060.dainese.com