Crave for Ride Hornet Axe 2 Moto Shirt

A Legit Flannel for the Road

This is my second Crave for Ride motorcycle shirt, and I have to say I am loving this one as much as the first. I'm definitely digging the styling of the Axe 2 Hornet flannel, too (everything I own is either black or brown). It kind of reminds of my living room couch from the '80s. Enough about yesteryear, I know when I'm riding I want to feel protected, and Crave's flannels will definitely give me a leg up should I hit the tarmac.

The breast pockets are ample. Sometimes I rock my wallet up here when I'm riding.Morgan Gales

Let’s break the Axe 2 Hornet ($289) down a bit. The outer shell is made from 97-percent cotton and 3-percent acrylic, but it’s the inner 100-percent Dupont Kevlar fiber that will take care of the dirty work if you take a spill. And there are also insert pockets (inserts available separately) in the back, shoulders and elbows that will also fit pre-existing armor you may already have. The liner is also very comfortable and is made of 100-percent polyester, but still pretty breathable. As for pockets, you get one inner zipper pocket, two small breast pockets, and a phone pocket on the sleeve. For a flannel, it features pretty ample storage.

A reflective insert below the collar is also a nice touch.Morgan Gales

I’ve been wearing my Axe 2 Hornet for a few weeks now in the middle of summer, and because it’s so well ventilated, I haven’t had any issues of overheating. Overall, the Axe 2 is comfortable, stylish, and a great lightweight option for some around-town putting.