Crave for Ride Axe 2 FSC Motorcycle Shirt Review

Lightweight, breathable and fully Kevlar lined flannel for perfect days of riding

crave moto flannel
Crave Axe 2 Moto Shirt- $300Jordan Mastagni

When I showed up for my first day at Cruiser, I rode in wearing a t-shirt and a 30 year old helmet. The thought of riding like that now seems absurd to me. Maybe it's because the amount of time I spend on a bike got steeply ramped up when I took this job, and maybe it's just because I couldn't afford quality gear back then. Nowadays single-layer protection is about as close I get to riding without protection. Luckily there are some companies like Crave for Ride that are making some seriously well engineered garments for those who can't hang with impact padding and heavier armored gear.

crave for ride flannel
Axe 2 Motorcycle Shirt by Crave for Ride- $300Crave for Ride

Their logic is: You want to go riding when it's sunny and nice out, right? It's an outdoor activity, there's no arguing that it's more fun when the sun is shining and the skies are clear. So why muck it all up with rainproofing and heavy insulation, let's keep it light, breathable and cool-- while still being protective. We like this logic. We like their gear. We like this flannel.

The Axe 2 Moto Shirt is one serious flannel, but it's casual and unsuspecting appearance is one of the coolest things about it. For starters, then entire thing-- back, front and arms, are lined with 100% DuPont Kevlar. That Kevlar is sandwiched between the outer layer which is made of 98% cotton and 2% lycra, and the internal 100% microfiber comfort layer. When I say "comfort layer," I mean snuggly soft, "Whoa damn! This thing is comfortable!" layer. Comfortable enough to keep on when I get to the office if it's a little chilly. In addition to the Kevlar layer, you're also equipped with pockets for impact armor if that's a direction you later decide you want to go. If you lift up the collar on the back of the jacket, you'll notice a strip of reflective tape to help with visibility while riding at night.

There is a zipper-controlled vent located in the armpit of each sleeve that opens about a foot and a half long and just under three inches wide at the widest point. When riding with these open, wind flows around right where you need it and keeps you nice and cool .

The fit on this jacket is relaxed and barrel chested, definitely not a "European," or slim-fit. Aside from the front two pockets, you're set up with a phone or wallet pocket high up on the right sleeve, a small keys/ parking pass/ quick access pocket lower on the left sleeve, and a larger zip pocket inside.

Heading into the summer months, we're stoked to have this lighter protective layer on our backs. It's been seeing a lot of road time over the last few weeks and we're sure it'll see much more before the heat breaks. For $300, it'll probably be the most expensive flannel you own, but this one won't turn to dust if you hit pavement.

crave moto flannel
Underarm venting on the Crave for Ride flannelJordan Mastagni

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