Cleaning Your Motorcycle With Muc-Off

We give our dirty bike a wash with some new Muc-Off motorcycle cleaning products

After every long ride, you park and look back on a well-worn, properly filth-covered motorcycle knowing you had a great journey. But walking back to your bike the next day, that journey is just a memory and all you have is a dirty motorcycle. Then comes the tedious part of scrubbing the bugs and grime off so you can take it back out, which is where Muc-Off’s cleaning products come into play. Designed to keep your efforts to a minimum while providing the best results, Muc-Off’s Motorcycle Cleaner, brushes, and Motorcycle Protectant make the job quick and easy.

Muc-Off Biodegradable Motorcycle Cleaner | $15

This stuff works great, you just spray it on a wet bike, let it sit for a few minutes, maybe give a lil’ brush work to those real stubborn bugs, then spray it off. It’s totally safe on plastic, leather, carbon fiber, or any other materials you might have on your bike, so there’s no need to worry about being careful when you’re spraying it on.

Muc-Off Premium Brush Kit | $35

When it comes to a hands-off wash, brushes are essential… And these are nice! Rubberized impact zones make sure you’re not hurting any part of your bike while scrubbing away, and the soft nylon bristles are durable but won’t scratch your paint. With a nice selection of five brushes, there really is one here for any task you might encounter. From the cooling fins on your engine right down to your wheels, these brushes are ready to take care of it.

Post-Wash Motorcycle Protectant | $15

After you rinse the wash off of your bike, spray on the Motorcycle Protectant to keep future grime off as well. To use it, just spray it on the clean, wet bike and wipe off any excess moisture when you’re done. This will keep your bike sparkly clean and guard against corrosion.