Clae Jackson Boots: review

Work boot style with running shoe comfort

Clae Jackson Boots
Clae Jackson Boots in Sage Waxed SuedeMonti Smith

I'm not going to say that you shouldn't wear all the gear all the time. That's a general rule that many motorcyclists live by, and are 100% safer for it. I will say, you don't necessarily need a pair of five-pound, iron-clad boots to ride across town to dinner. In those circumstances, often times a pair of solid boots with a good sole are perfect. Enter the Clae Jackson Boot, a solid boot with great style and some quality construction.

Clae Jackson Boot
Clae Jackson BootClae Boots

Putting these boots on for the first time, I was pretty surprised by how comfortable they are. Maybe I'm just used to old world boot manufacturers like Wolverine and Red Wing that don't have any padding in them, but the Clae boots made me feel like I was walkin' on air. They're substantially lighter weight than most boots I'm used to, which helps with comfort and fatugue. A zipper on the inside of each boot helps you quickly get them on or off, and the Vibram sole ensures you have a solid grip on the road-- wet or dry. The waxing on the suede helps make them a little more water repellant, but let's be real, it's still suede which means it will absorb oils and dirt over time (hey, i like it when my things show a little wear). For a comfortable, casual boot at a great price that can stand up to some good, but not too extreme riding, Clae knocked it out.

Three styles of Jackson boot are on sale now for $100 on, and they have tons of other styles with similar properties as well!