Cast Aluminum Gas Caps for Late Model Harley-Davidsons

Spinner and Competition style gas caps from Lowbrow Customs

lowbrow gas cap
Competition style gas cap from LowbrowLowbrow Customs

The Competition and Spinner Gas Cap from Lowbrow Customs replaces the boring stock cap on your 1996 & later Harley-Davidson motorcycle, as well as many aftermarket gas tanks that take a H-D thread-in style gas cap.

A useful feature of these vented, cast aluminum gas caps is the ratcheting mechanism, which allows you to tighten the cap and then rotate it back right to the spot you want it to stay, keeping the design in line with your bike. The soft and supple gasket will ensure no gas will spill from your tank while out riding, no matter how tight the curves.

The Competition Gas Cap was inspired by vintage, utilitarian aviation gas caps. It lends itself well to cafe racers and scramblers as well as any race-inspired or performance motorcycle, and with FUEL touted across the cap, everyone will let you know you mean business. Tri-bar, spinner style gas caps have existed since the heyday of choppers. Lowbrow took this traditional concept and tightened up the size and design to keep it in proper proportions to the gas tank. The Spinner Gas Cap is at home on choppers as well as aggressive, performance machines like Dynas and custom Sportsters. Both style gas caps are available in polished aluminum or the ever popular black.

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Spinner motorcycle gas cap
Spinner Gas Cap from Lowbrow CustomsLowbrow