Burly Brat 2-up Seat for H-D Sportsters

Carry a passenger in comfort and style with this doubles seat from Burly Brand

Burly brat seat
Burly Brat 2-up SeatBurly Brand

Give your solid mount Sporty a little flash to go with the dash! Narrow and compact, the Burly Brat seats were inspired by the Japanese take on custom Sportsters and given a little twist. Available in a hand sewn ribbed or diamond pattern using a high density foam. Seats feature a thick fiberglass pan and the entire unit is made in the USA. The Burly Brat Seat is a straight bolt on, too - no fancy custom fab work is required to use this saddle.

sportster burly seat
Burly Brat Seat mounted on a H-D SportsterBurly Brand