Avon’s Memory Foam Grips | New Products

Memory foam isn't just for beds anymore

avon memory foam motorcycle grips
Black with spike end capCourtesy of Avon Grips

Earlier this month, Avon Grips, based in Kingwood, Texas, introduced their new Memory Foam Grips at Sturgis this year and they've started shipping orders Mid-August. Avon boasts that these are the softest, most durable, chemical-resistant grips on the motorcycle market today: "A true vibration dampening grip." Maybe we'll get a set of them and test that claim. If we do, you'll hear all about it here on the website.

Avon's Memory Foam Grips are available in small, medium and large diameters for all Harley-Davidsons and most Metric Cruiser bikes. You can get Avon's Memory Foam Grips in chrome and black anodized finishes with aluminum ends (including spike and round end caps, shown). For more information on Avon's Memory Foam Grips and their other products, check out their website. Find more stuff for you and your bike here.

avon memory foam motorcycle grips
Avon Memory Foam Grip in chrome.Courtesy of Avon Grips