Arai Quantum X and Signet X: Tested

Arai Launches Two New Motorcycle Helmets

Arai Quantum X
The Quantum X is everything we look for in a motorcycle helmet: light weight, comfortable, and great ventilation.Arai Americas

Arai Helmets has been making superior quality motorcycle helmets for over 60 years, and the company's latest: the QuantumX and SignetX take the rider experience to the next level blending comfort and function into two helmet shapes to give consumers a more personalized fit.

Arai Quantum X
Arai's new Quantum X in White.Arai Americas

Based from the racing technology of Arai's CorsairX, the company wanted to improve the rider experience by developing essentially the same helmet for two different head shapes: Long Oval (Signet X) and Round Oval (Quantum X). The goal was to give us (those who attended the press launch), the ultimate experience of riding comfort based on each individual's head shape, which was a great way to send the message that "one size fits all" is simply not Arai's style.

Arai Quantum X
A diagram of the directional airflow of the Quantum X and Signet X.Arai Americas

Arai says the new Quantum­X and Signet­X are the perfect choices for almost any type of street riding, and utilize two distinct fit packages for optimum comfort and fit. The Quantum­X features a Round Oval (R/O) shape for riders with an even balance between length and width. The Signet X features a Long Oval (L/O) shape for head shapes with pronounced length, but a reduced width.

Both the Quantum­X and Signet­X feature a new Peripherally Belted ­Super Complex Laminate Construction (PB­SCLC) shell design for performance and affordability, new QVF and QVR upper ventilation ducts with better flow through performance, an anti­microbial liner material that allows your helmet to stay fresher, longer, and Arai's VAS system providing a rounder shell shape and an easy­-to­-use shield changing system. Additionally the Quantum­X and Signet­X can use the versatile VAS Pro Shade system. I chose to ride with the Pro Shade system on the QuantumX, which has been updated to open/close in more of a ratcheting motion based on where the sun's positioned as opposed to previous years when you had two options to choose from: open or closed. After riding the entire first day with the Pro Shade, I definitely found myself missing it when riding with the Signet X on the second day.

Arai Signet X
The SignetX incorporates Arai's Long Oval shell shape design.Drew Ruiz Photos

“We are very excited about the launch of the new Arai Quantum­X and Signet­X helmets” said Brian Weston, Managing Director for Arai Helmets America. “Arai is the only company offering multiple interior­fit helmet shapes, and the new Quantum­X and Signet­X are perfect examples of this unique Arai helmet feature.”

After strapping on the Quantum X on the first day, I logged a good 250-300 miles and was pleased by the comfort, light weight, and ventilation of the QuantumX. The Round Oval of the QuantumX definitely fit my head shape best. I also like that Arai has various-sized cheek pad options to tailor the fit even better, which I took full advantage of this option. After swapping out the stock cheek pads on a Medium-sized QuantumX with thicker set, it was as if the helmet was made just for me.

Arai QuanutumX
One of the many new graphics available for the QuantumX and SignetX.Drew Ruiz Photos

Helmet noise is also a big factor when selecting a helmet from the Cruiser shelf before a ride (it's grown pretty vast over the years), and I definitely lean more toward quieter helmets. The QuantumX and SignetX are definitely some of the quietest helmets I've used to date. Most of the time I wear earplugs because my early punk rock band days destroyed my hearing, but I didn't find it necessary to pull the plugs out of my pocket on either day riding with the SignetX or QuantumX.

It was also a pretty hot day in Southern California on our route, and the EPS liner absorbed the moisture well. I was riding the Harley-Davidson Roadster, which requires more frequent gas stops than most cruisers (approximately 80 miles to a tank), so when strapping the helmet back on after a fuel stop, it didn't feel soaked. It felt cool, and not swampy. I appreciate honesty, and I didn't feel like I was being sold by Arai's staff. If there was an issue, Arai had the solution. If I wanted a different visor, there were options. If I wanted sun protection, there were options. If I felt it didn't fit me just right, there were options.

I like options.