AGV Introduces New Legends Series

The Italian company's tribute to the past brings modern style to iconic helmet designs

AGV Legends X70 Paso X3000 AGO1 Replicas
AGV Legends X70 Paso X3000 AGO1 ReplicasAGV

Old-school designs continue to hold aesthetic sway in the current moto marketplace, and the stuff coming out of the helmet world is no exception. On the 70th anniversary of the company's first production helmet, AGV has unveiled AGV Legends, a retro-cool collection of lids that pays tribute to motorcycle heroes of the past. The Legends series draws on classic designs with authentic shapes and graphics, but infuses them with modern safety specs while still tapping into the spirit of legendary racers Giacomo Agostini and Renzo Pasolini.

AGV X3000
The X3000 is available in 10 designs. Solid colors retail for $379.95.AGV

One of the first full-face helmets, the X3000 was designed for the record-breaking Agostini, who won more titles than anyone. Today's X3000 retains that classic shape and famous tricolor motif, but boosts comfort levels and updates its safety features. The helmet carries Agostini’s signature and includes that famous contoured chin piece—the one he preferred for leaning right up against the gas tank. It also features a dual-button visor along with innovative details like a ventilation device hidden within the visor and a removable, embroidered leather interior.

You can get the X3000 in 10 designs, including the Gloria, a graphic that rocks the five colors of the Olympic rings, and the Super AGV, which comes with clean lines and iconic colors for a simple but elegant look. The more luxe AGO1 reproduction blends the original graphic style, shape and colors but updates comfort and safety, and will have a production run of just 3,000 pieces worldwide.

open-face AGV X70
The open-face X70 is available in the original Pasolini green.AGV

For riders who are more into open-face lids, there’s the X70, which brings state-of-the-art specs into a classic helmet design that pays tribute to Renzo Pasolini, one of the most popular motorcycle heroes of the 1960s. The X70 is available in the original Pasolini green with two-color profile and nine other colorways.

Prices for the X3000 helmets start at $449.95 for multicolors and $379.95 for solids. The X70 retails for $229.95 in multicolor and $179.95 for solid.

The AGV Legends collection is now available throughout North America and online at

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