Aether Moto Gloves Review

Holding up and looking good after a year of hard use

Aether Moto Gloves after about a year of hard daily use.Morgan Gales

I wear the hell out of my gear. I commute in my kit everyday, I go on long trips through various weather conditions, and I don’t take it easy on the equipment I bring to keep me comfortable and protected. I’ve come to expect a lot from my gear, and also expect a lot of the things I test to let me down—but that’s a part of the game and makes the good pieces, like these Aether Moto Gloves, really stand out when they endure my trials and show no signs of letting up.

Over the last year the Moto Gloves from Aether have been my go-to for fair-weather riding. They are not vented, they are not waterproof, they are not thermally insulated. They are a simple-looking, incredibly comfortable, well-built, and well-thought-out pair of gloves. There is a thin layer of padding over the knuckles that will keep them protected from impact, as well as a double layer of leather over the palm. There is a single Velcro closure with a large surface area, making it easy to clasp shut and stay shut, and a small elastic section in the wrist helps keep it tight while staying comfortable. I was surprised at how well my phone responded to my gloved hand as well; I could easily navigate music or maps with my iPhone mounted on the handlebars once the gloves warmed up a bit.

The tan leather of Aether's Moto Gloves has aged well with sweat and sun.Morgan Gales

Aside from a thin layer of fabric on the back of the hand, these are unlined, but the cowhide is thick and high quality, aging well with sun and sweat over the year I have worn them. The Moto Gloves are available in black as well as this natural color, but I love the way the tan has changed and aged throughout their break-in. They will run you $150, which is toward the higher end of pricing for gloves but definitely not at the top, and includes a lifetime manufacturing guarantee. These have lasted longer than most any simple leather glove I have had and looked better than most all of them while doing it.