7 Father's Day Gifts for Dads That Ride

Great gifts for motorcycle riding dads!

Motorcycle riding dad's have a tendency to go out an buy things for themselves, we know this. It's hard finding something for them that they really want but don't already have, so what do you do? Find those things that they don't know they want yet. From small tools to carry everyday, to batteries and bags that help make the riding experience more enjoyable all-around-- here are some items that we love and think your Dad will, too.

Klecker Stowaway iPhone Case and Tools
Klecker Stowaway iPhone Case and ToolsCruiser

Klecker Stowaway Tools stash neatly into the back of an iPhone case, keeping them close to you on a gadget you're already used to carrying. Buy your Dad the case, then let him choose the tools he wants to carry with it. The case starts at $25 and the extra tools range from $7-13.
Available at StowawayTools.com

pocket tools
Griffin Pocket Tools - Buy It Now!Cruiser

The Griffin Pocket Tools are simple, sturdy, and constantly come in handy. I use this tool every time I travel and don't want to check a bag, as it's a great replacement for a pocket knife. Available in three sizes and tons of colors/ finishes-- there's a Griffin tool for every Dad!

Available for $12-40 at GriffinPocketTool.com

Stacker Electric
Stacker sunglasses from Electric - Buy It Now!Staff

The Stacker is a purpose built performance sunglass that features Electric's Optics of OHM. Melanin infused lenses block harmful UV and HEV blue light, allowing eyes to relax while providing vivid, crisp, clear, haze free vision. Panels on the side help block the wind but vents in the lens keep them from fogging up. In short, the Stacker is a super advanced but also great looking pair of shades for any Dad on the go.

Victorinox Swisstool
Victorinox Swisstool Spirit XC fits perfectly in the Red Clouds Collective Multi-tool Sheath! - Buy It Now!Staff

A good multi-tool is something you don't realize you need until you start carrying it. Once you have so many tools within reach, it's amazing how often you'll find yourself using them. The Swisstool from Victorinox is smooth, sleek and classy with great action on the tools, and a well curated selection of them.

Lander tech gear
Lander Cable, Battery and Phone CaseMonti Smith

Whether it's their phone cases, cables or batteries, Lander's tech gear elevates the daily tech gear in your bag to sleek and durable items. Their cables are all lifetime guaranteed and the biggest battery can charge an iPhone 6s at least three times. Great items to keep with you all the time and ensure you're never out of reach when you don't want to be.

Arcade Adventure Belt
Arcade Adventure Belt - Buy It Now!Arcade

As bikers we're used to leather, but it doesn't always have the properties required to best do the job. Your pants fit differently when you sit on your bike, and having a belt with some stretch helps accommodate that. Arcade belts are cool, casual, and do their job incredibly well. For $26 they make a great gift, and with only one size, you don't have to worry about guessing.

Velomacchi Speedway Roll-Top Backpack
Velomacchi Speedway Roll-Top BackpackMonti Smith

As much as moto dads tend to get themselves everything they really need, they also tend to keep things that work for WAY too long. I'm looking at you, nine year-old Jansport guy. The Velomacchi Speedway bag is built for riding at high speeds with completely unimpeded motion and sleek aerodynamics. It's rainproof and lightweight, but also super stylish and easy to use. For $340, it's a little more expensive than that old cloth backpack, but it will last you years and look good doing it.

Check out Velomacchi.com for more information or to purchase one!