Sometimes you have to get a little creative when carrying the essentials on a motorcycle. Just ask Tiffani Burkett. Whether you're crossing borders or ripping around the city, you likely have a backpack strapped in place to carry important items that need to be easily accessible. The roll-top design of these backpacks makes it so, some better than others.

This comparison features different interpretations of the classic roll-top, ranging in price and design to suit a spectrum of riding needs. In alphabetical order:

  • Chrome Industries Moto Barrage
  • Dainese D-Elements
  • Mission Workshop The Rhake
  • SW-Motech Drybag 300
  • Velomacchi Speedway 28 L
  • Wandrd Prvke

Click the images above to read an in-depth review of each backpack and to see how it ranks in terms of style, function, comfort, and quality.