5 Wintertime Reads For Motorcyclists

Our book list offers two-wheeled tales of action, adventure, and more

Sometimes the best time to start or catch up on a book is wintertime. Brew a pot of coffee, start a fire, and chill the hell out for a while in your favorite chair. We've gone through piles of books and have pulled out a few that'll serve up some solid reading sessions over the next few months. We tried to focus on different types, from historical timelines with amazing photography that would make killer coffee-table companions, to travelogues for those looking to get on the road without leaving the living room. We've even included a book that serves as one part inspiration and one part instruction as it uncovers ideas and methods of customization for different types of motorcycle brands. Whatever type of bike you ride, and whatever type of rider you are, there's a book here that will develop into your best buddy this winter. There's a lot of ground to cover, so let's take a look already.

Ride Out!: Motorcycle Road Trips and Adventure

Maybe you’ve made a coast-to-coast cruise at some point in your life, which is an amazing achievement to have under your belt. But have you ever wondered what a motorcycle riding trip would be like in regions of South Africa, Japan, China, Patagonia, and New Zealand? The authors of Ride Out!: Motorcycle Road Trips and Adventures delivers just that—breathtaking photography, stories, and detailed maps of some of the most unforgettable locations in the world. This is a journey that can be appreciated by any type of motorcycle rider. In a single day, you can follow these two-wheeled nomads into corners and curves that very few riders can boast about experiencing firsthand. You'll be inspired to seek out similar adventures, even if means spending a little more time in your favorite reading chair.Amazon

Customizing Your Motorcycle: Shed-Built To Show Bike

Released in May 2018, Chris Daniels' book explores the methods of customizing different makes and models of motorcycles to truly make them personalized pieces of individual expression. Daniels shows that with the right skills and tools, a rider can take a factory bike and transform it into something they can be proud to ride and show. Daniels goes on to give clear, practical advice to introduce his reader to techniques that utilize salvaged parts and shows them how to better sniff out bargains on alternative sources instead of just settling for off-the-shelf products. Projects showcase how to make custom parts, explore workshop setup ideas, and explain bike components and essential maintenance, as well as introducing readers to welding, cleaning, and painting prep. This really is a great all-encompassing companion for riders of all ages and experience levels.Amazon

The Harley-Davidson Book

Think of this 224-page book as some of the tastiest piece of eye candy your Harley-loving eyes have ever witnessed. There's a sense of true appreciation for the machines that were made available from the very beginning stages in H-D's early years, as well as many modern models too. Flipping through this book by authors Dirk Mangartz, Sven Wedemeyer, and Philipp Wente will take you through some great studio shoots, as well as candid photos from events and shots on the road. Experience the excitement through hundreds of photographs that capture the freedom and the love affair riders all over the globe have with their Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Take a visual journey through photo-rich stories and articles about the lifestyle that we all love and hold dear.Amazon

Cross Country And All The Bullshit With It

Now, we’ll trip back to the continental United States in a coast-to-coast ride like you have never experienced before. You may have ridden the same roads author Hood Lodo did, but we’re sure that he was taking a course into a direction like you never could’ve imagined—until now. In Cross Country And All The Bullshit With It, Lodo gives a true account of his travels as a member of one of the most shadowy motorcycle organizations in the world. This is his debut book, and his style of writing will captivate every single reader who picks up and cracks open this title. Prepare to take a gritty look into one man's truly unique trip across this great, crazy country.Amazon

Indian Motorcycle: America’s First Motorcycle Company

How about a look into the 2017 Gold Medal Winner of the International Automotive Media Competition? Indian Motorcycle: America's First Motorcycle Company tells the complete story of America's first mass-produced motorcycle maker, from its start as a bicycle manufacturer to its purchase by Polaris in 2011, and beyond. If you're an Indian enthusiast like author Darwin Holmstrom, you'll appreciate every one of his book's 200-plus pages. Read about the company's early years of the 20th century and its rich race history, and the hard times it faced in the early '50s, and prepare to be enlightened. Holmstrom has published a similar book that focuses on Harley-Davidson's history as well.Amazon