3 Best Motorcycle Pants of the Year

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Motorcycle pants are getting closer! For ages, every pair we tried on were virtually unwearable off of the bike, but things have come a long way and companies are starting to listen to riders that want comfort and style on top of protection. We (well most of us) got to test out a handful of different styles this year, and these are the best motorcycle pants we tried on.

Tobacco Moto Jeans
Jordan Mastagni's Tobacco Jeans wear an unwashed selvedge look, but have a durable Kevlar linerStaff

Editor-In-Chief: Jordan Mastagni

Classics are always in style and Tobacco's Indigo Selvedge Jeans are just that. You can't go wrong with a simple pair of denim jeans, but should you slide along the asphalt at cruising speeds, it's best to combat your legs and butt from looking like hamburger meat with something a little bit more protective than a pair of 501s.

Tobacco jeans are modeled after classic American brands with an updated slim-straight fit. Size up for a more relaxed look or size down for a skinnier profile. I went with a size larger, that in the beginning fit pretty tight, but after breaking them in (which seemed like months) they fit me perfectly. At first I was annoyed with the break-in period because I’m very impatient. But as they say, all good things come to those who wait, and the Tobaccos were definitely worth the wait.

Made in the USA from iconic Cone Mills selvedge denim and a lining made with Dupont Kevlar fibers, these jeans are jeans made for riding and built to last. The old-school, raw blue denim is woven on vintage looms and will fade and form to fit your body as you break them in, giving them a lived-in character that looks great on and off the bike.

I’ve been rocking the Tobacco Jeans for almost a year, and they’ve broken in so well that I wear them out to dinner even when not riding. The look and feel are stylish, but as I mentioned earlier, I feel safer knowing that I’m protected with 100-percent Kevlar lining should I go down.

The lining made of Dupont Kevlar Fibers is the key to Tobacco’s abrasion resistance. Their jeans have been tested in the lab and on the road and will provide you a skin saving layer between you and the asphalt.

Saint Unbreakable Jeans
Morgan's preferred Model 1 Unbreakable Jeans by SaintStaff

Online Editor: Morgan Gales

Motorcycle pants are always SO HARD TO FIND. If you were looking for a pair of heavy, hot, Kevlar lined pants that fit all lumpy and cost over $200, I could give you a big old list of brands to check out. Looking for a good pair of well thought out moto pants that actually fit and won’t have you sweating your butt off? Three brands come to mind. Rev’it! Sport, Ugly Bros, and Saint.

Saint is a pioneer in unlined, protective motorcycle gear, and the Model 1 Jeans are the first unlined motorcycle pants to get the CE certification. I just got these recently but have been wearing them daily and am very impressed. They are comfortable, padded, and you guessed it, they fit well too. Stretch sections around the knee and a crotch/ waist section designed around sitting on a motorcycle make these pants seriously comfortable on long rides.

Priced at $300, they are a little on the high end, but you get what you pay for in these top-of-the-line jeans.

2017 moto jeans
Jon Mcdevitt rolling the dice in his normal old Levi'sStaff

These days as a rider you can get gear for every part of your body including socks and underwear. I am all for wearing gear to keep me safe and comfortable, but in the area of pants, I have yet to find something that beats a regular old pair of Levi jeans.

Yes the riding pants out there are armored and slide resistant, but I am a simple dude and I have wrecked twice on the highway in jeans and been fine. Not to say I am opposed to wearing a pair of riding pants I just haven’t found anything that blows me away yet.

So keeping it simple, for now, I will stick with my Levi jeans for work, riding and leisure.