10 Sturgis-Ready Motorcycle Tool Kits

Riding to the rally? These portable tool kits don’t take up much space, and they could save your bacon

So you’re riding to Sturgis. Awesome! It’s an experience many riders never get—and those who make it never forget it (even if they’d rather). In addition to the necessities—you know, sunscreen, do-rags, extra socks—make sure you pack some sort of portable tool kit to address any mechanical issues that might spoil the party. If you think you don’t have room, well, our list of compact kits begs to differ. Do you really want to spend the entire week of the rally stuck on a roadside somewhere else? Here are some Sturgis-ready portable tool kits for every type of rider.

For The Saddlebag Stuffer

If you don’t want be forced to choose between tools and, say, comfy sneakers, these kits should give you what you need to get you back on the road without hogging most of your cargo space.

Apollo Tools 56-Piece Kit

This kit contains the essential tools for most any emergency roadside repair, and includes sockets, hex keys, pliers, cable ties, a voltage tester, and a bit driver with 20 bits. Manufactured from steel alloy and chrome plated, and featuring nonslip comfort grip handles for extra torque. The Apollo kit weighs 3.2 pounds and measures 7 x 2.6 x 10 inches. Available with either SAE or metric sockets (metric runs a bit more). $19 at AmazonApollo Tools

Pit Posse Metric Tool Kit

If you’ve got a metric cruiser, this kit should handle most any emergency roadside chore as well as regular maintenance work. It consists of five open-end wrenches, an adjustable wrench, a six-in-one screwdriver, nine-piece hex set, two-in-one spark plug socket, locking pliers, and an air pressure gauge. Includes handy touches like an LED flashlight, zip-ties, and a clear plastic zipper pouch filled with assorted metric bolts. $47 at AmazonPit Posse

For The Underseat Stasher

You like to ride light. We get it. These kits tuck discreetly into most underseat cavities, tank bags, or even a backpack.

CruzTools SpeedKit

The ultra-compact pouch will fit into most OEM tool cavities, but with more content and technician-grade tools than any standard-issue set. Includes wrenches, nut drivers, star bits, hex wrenches, five-in-one screwdriver, pliers, two-in-one spark plug socket, and a tire pressure gauge, all housed in a sturdy zip-up pouch that measures only 7 x 2 x 2 inches and weighs about a pound. A metric SpeedKit is also available, for $33. $31 at AmazonCruzTools

Oxford Tool Kit Pro

A 27-piece metric set in a shockingly small package. These tools are made from high-quality carbon steel and feature a soft gel handle. The kit includes wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, an Allen key set, screwdriver handle plus bit set, mini socket set, adjustable open-end wrench, and even some zip-ties. Best of all, the case folds in half to 7 x 4 x 1.5 inches and weighs less than two pounds. $30 at AmazonOxford

For The Rider Who Packs Everything But The Kitchen Sink

We all know that one guy (or gal) who brings every map, every gadget, and every tool. Hey, every riding group needs one of those guys (or gals). But, please, just one.

BikeMaster 17-Piece Tool Kit

Established in 1981 by riders, BikeMaster has all kinds of tools and products for riders. This metric kit has six open-end wrenches, a combination wrench, an adjustable wrench, hex key set, spark plug socket, six-in-one screwdriver, pliers, a tire gauge, a spark plug gap gauge, and cable ties. It also features electrical wire, electrical tape safety wire, and a flashlight, all housed in a surprisingly tight roll bag that weighs in at nearly 4 pounds. Still, it just about has it all. To secure the same kit for Harleys, try the Biker's Choice SAE version ($49 at Amazon). $56 at AmazonBikeMaster

CruzTools RoadTech Teardrop

If you're thinking we're giving a lot of love to Cruz, it's because we know and trust the company's products. This kit packs virtually everything from the RoadTech H3 kit into a compact pouch designed to fit genuine and aftermarket teardrop toolboxes, but of course it's equally applicable to all air-cooled H-D models. For the V-Rod and metrics, go for the less expensive RoadTech M3 set. $110 at AmazonCruzTools

Stockton Roadside Tool Kit

This massive kit even comes with spare fuses, Torx wrenches, and a fuel hose. All the usual suspects are present, including wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, et al, and it even adds a towel, safety and electrical wire, a tire gauge, and electrical tape. And despite the fire-sale price for such a large kit, it does get 4.5 stars on Amazon—though user reviews toss around terms like "cheap" and "emergency use only" quite a bit. Still, the first time it saves your bacon, it's money well spent. Choice of metric or SAE. $40 at AmazonStockton

Windzone EK-1HD Tool Kit

Windzone claims this massive roll-up kit will fit into most fork bags—and they’re from Austin, so why would they lie? Designed exclusively for Harleys and American V-twins, the EK-1HD has just about everything you could ever want or need in a take-along tool kit, including a tire pressure gauge, spark plug gapper, electrical tape, flashlight (with battery!), siphon hose, and a spare turn signal/taillight bulb. It even throws in the Windzone Essenti-Tool, a multi-tool that clips onto your belt. Everything’s bigger in Texas. $59 at AmazonWindzone

For The Rider Who Can't Be Bothered

Seriously? Okay fine.

CruzTools Outback’r H13

The is a powerhouse of functionality. Included are three hex keys (5/32, 3/16, 1/4 inch), two star keys (T25, T27), slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, a socket driver with 3/8, 7/16, and 1/2-inch sockets, 10mm box, and 9/16-inch open-end wrenches, plus a spoke wrench. Except for the sockets, there are no loose pieces. At only 10 ounces and 3.5 inches long, even chopper riders won't have trouble carrying it. The Metric M14 Outback'r is the same price. $20 at AmazonCruzTools

Motion Pro Metric MP Tool

Another handheld option is the MP from Motion Pro. Great for on-the-road repairs or adjustments, it can be used to remove up to 14mm bolts, small and medium Phillips and straight-slot screws, as well as 5 and 6mm hex bolts. It includes a 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch socket driver, with 10mm and 12mm 1/4-inch drive sockets included. Enhance it by adding your own 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch drive socket attachments to the convenient carrying case. Comes in a nickel pewter finish; replacement bits are available separately. $53 at AmazonMotion Pro