Victory Gunner Accessories

Accessories for the best-selling Gunner

The Gunner has been one of Victory Motorcycles’ best-selling cruisers this year – and it’s one of the easiest models to customize too. There’s a line-up of official accessories that are simple to fit, yet can transform the look of the Gunner. A suggested set-up is to fit the red leather ‘Solo mission seat’ and a fix the ‘solo luggage rack’ directly behind.

Solo Mission Seat in red

Solo Luggage Rack

Up front, the standard handlebars can be swapped for the ‘Hammer Vee Drag bars’ fitted with ‘Victory Billet Grips’ and ‘Arlen Ness Rad III mirrors’.

Hammer Vee Drag Bars

Arlen Ness Rad III mirrors

Victory Billet grips

With the seat and riding controls taken care of, next in line is the engine. A simple fitment of ‘Cam Tension Covers’, ‘Black Finned Engine Covers’, ‘Tracker Intake & Ignition covers’ and ‘Coloured Plug Wires’ is enough give your Gunner more grunt.

Cam tensioner covers

Black Finned engine covers

Tracker intake and ignition covers

Colored Plug wires for Gunner

To finish it off, owners can fit officially approved Akrapovič exhausts.