Venom Steel Nitrile Shop Gloves Review

Tough gloves made for tough work.

Venom Steel gloves are less likely to rip on the job, making you more confident while tackling your task at handJulia LaPalme

Gloves are important. Yes, the leather ones when you do motorbike things, but also the ones you wear when you fix your motorcycle. Just like motorcycle gloves it sucks when they fail to fit or function. So when a box of Venom Steel Nitrile gloves showed up at our office they quickly made their way back to the shop and on my workbench.

Disposable gloves are a must for any serious shop or mechanic. Not only do they keep your hands clean of dirt and grime, but also keep the nasty chemicals from being absorbed by your skin. Pro tip: throw a pair or two in your tool pack to keep from mucking up your riding gloves after a roadside repair.

Textured nitrile enhances grip while wearing the glovesJulia LaPalme

Admittedly, I was confused where the name Venom Steel came from but that aside they make some dang good mechanic gloves. With other disposable gloves I’m on the edge of medium and large. So, I usually go for the medium as large is too big. This is not the case with the Venom Steel gloves. Their size large ambidextrous gloves fit my large hands perfectly. They are tight enough to allow good fine dexterity while not so tight you can't put them back on.

Venom Steel gloves will run you $16 a pack (for Large)Julia LaPalme

Venom Steel uses a 2-layer construction for these 6 mil, latex-free, powder free gloves. The outer black layer is lightly textured and gives good grip, while the inner white layer is smooth so putting them on and off is easy. The inner white layer is nice as it lets you know if the glove has been punctured and or been used. The dual layer design is where these gloves get their rip/tear/puncture resistance, and these things are tough. Working on motorcycles involves a lot of sharp edges, hot surfaces, and all forms of things that can snag your glove. Now these things aren’t invincible, but they are worlds tougher than other nitrile gloves at the same price. I use far less Venom Steel gloves per day than the normal single layer nitrile glove. This means I reuse multiple pairs. Which is easy as its relatively hassle free to put an old pair on with sweaty hands, something rarely done with other gloves. Plus you can use these with most chemicals, except for acetones (ie Brake/Carb/Contact cleaner) and lacquer thinners.

For $16 (for size Large) you can't beat the toughness of Venom Steel Nitrile glove. These are now the go-to glove for our shop, and we spend money on those! Our money!