Weird and Wonderful Daytona Bike Week 2021 Gallery

20 wild photos of the bikes and people that make Florida’s biggest bike week so spectacular!

Another year has passed and, despite all odds, another successful Daytona Bike Week is in the bag! Last year, Florida’s big biker rally was one of the final events we were able to enjoy before COVID-19 forced a nationwide lockdown, so we’re happy to see the historic event continuing on in the same weird and wonderful fashion that we have always enjoyed so much. BIg wheel baggers, lights on everything, Hayabusas with stretched swingarms, and of course…people riding in flip-flops. Whether you’re involved or just spectating, how could you not love Daytona Beach?

As usual, most of the action centers around Daytona’s Main Street and the bars and restaurants lining either side. Custom shows like Dennis Kirk’s Garage Build Bike Show or the Perewitz Paint Show at Broken Spoke Saloon and, of course, Willie’s Tropical Tattoo are great to attend if you feel like seeing some cool bikes and getting out of the busy hustle in town. Also as usual, we were there to snap photos of all of the most wild, ridiculous, and amazing things we could find.

Wolf Man riding along International Speedway Boulevard in Daytona Beach.Savannah Rose
“Gold Toof,” graffiti-style Road Glide at the Broken Spoke Saloon in Ormond Beach.Savannah Rose
It truly wouldn’t be Daytona Beach without stretched-out ’Busas and people riding them in shorts.Savannah Rose
Buffalo Bill putting the lotion on his skin.Savannah Rose
I think we’ve all seen enough virus for one year…Savannah Rose
Tell me you’re in Daytona Beach without telling me you’re in Daytona Beach…Savannah Rose
The bird man sitting at the Iron Horse Saloon in Ormond Beach.Savannah Rose
A nitrous oxide-injected, V-8-powered, Wizard of Oz-themed motorcycle. Totally normal.Savannah Rose
I know you can’t tell while the sun is out, but I am 99 percent sure this bike has neon green lights for riding at night.Savannah Rose
Horns, vape, skull long as you think you look cool, that’s all that matters.Savannah Rose
Sean Jackson’s award-winning FXR at the Dennis Kirk Garage Build Show.Savannah Rose
A man riding his VW Bug trike conversion down the main street of Daytona Beach.Savannah Rose
Big, loud, and bright are the name of the game! A custom Road glide bagger with massive speakers rolls down Main Street.Savannah Rose
A bit more tastefully done than some of the other stretched-out bikes on Main, a KZ1000 dragbike takes a quick parade lap.Savannah Rose
In Daytona Beach, it’s all about being seen, and a massive front wheel in neon green makes sure that’s going to happen.Savannah Rose
A gypsy Shovelhead chopper at the Broken Spoke Saloon. Check out those Bootsy Collins-style fork lowers!Savannah Rose
A rad and ratty chopper with a two-stroke dirt bike engine at the Broken Spoke.Savannah Rose
An Eddie Van Halen-themed BMW K75. We always love seeing something sensible made into something fun and wild.Savannah Rose
A Cadillac-themed bagger spitting flames down Main Street. Again, totally normal…for Daytona.Savannah Rose
Little bikes are fun, too! An Indian moped and a Cushman scooter make their way down Main Street.Savannah Rose

If you couldn’t make it out to Daytona, we hope this gallery helps cure those quarantine blues! And as things slowly get back to normal, we are already starting to map out our calendars and get ready for some of our other favorite events. Stay tuned and we hope to see you all out there soon!