Speakeasy Motors Evolution Custom

Where the hell does the gas go?

Speakeasy Motors Evolution Custom V-TwinMorgan Gales

Evan Favaro of Speakeasy Motors didn’t build this custom to blend into the crowd at bike events. The shop blended parts and styles in it to do just the opposite of hiding. From the one-off 16w Fabworks prototype rear suspension to the frame-as-oil-tank and beyond, it’s certainly not a typical motorcycle of any one style. It definitely swims in the extreme end of the customization gene pool, though, and that’s worth talking about.

Chassis Design Co. created the front end and the swoopy frame for this Evo-powered machine.Morgan Gales

Take a look at the rear fender that’s also a gas tank. It’s hooked to an under-the-seat tank, then to a fuel pump, and then a pressure regulator. The Evo rocker boxes add to the bike’s uniqueness too. They’re prototype parts that were sand casted in France by EMD. The rest of the motor is a 100-inch RevTech mill mated to a RevTech transmission by way of a BDL 2-inch open belt primary. Speakeasy Motors gave the Evolution-style motor their own stainless steel handmade exhaust.

Top: Check out the cerakoted drivetrain and wheels. That's Prodigy Powdercoating's handiwork. Bottom Left: Bert Graphix handled the verigated copper leaf and striping. Big A's Paint took care of the clear coat. Bottom Right: Speakeasy Motors' crazy custom gets its stopping power from Hawg Halters Inc calipers and rotors.Morgan Gales

If you’d like to see more of Evan Favaro’s creations, check out speakeasymotors.com

The whole V-twin bike is a mix of curves throughout. Some flowing together, others in contrast. The overall profile is a lot for the eye to take in.Morgan Gales