Testing Out The New Sena 10C Evo Motorcycle Camera

Video commute with Sena Bluetooth’s new helmet-mounted camera system

Sena Bluetooth has just released their newest in-helmet camera system, the 10C Evo. This is the next evolution in the 10C line, following the 10C Pro, introducing a handful of new technical features including a 4k camera. The new unit has also been redesigned to be sleeker and more aerodynamic, now almost half an inch shorter than the 10C Pro. The Evo was announced quite some time ago and took longer than expected to hit the market, but it is finally here and now available for $399.

To test the new 10C, I mounted the unit up on my helmet and headed out on the Zero SR-F, an electric naked sportbike. After quickly pairing to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on my phone through the Sena Camera app, I was able to make sure the 10C’s camera was angled correctly. I made sure the camera is recording in the highest quality available and this video has been uploaded without any audio or video correction. The app is used to check the angle of the camera and also review footage, easily transferring that footage to your phone’s library through the Wi-Fi connection.

On top of the camera function, the 10C is still a fully functioning Bluetooth communicator with 4-way intercom, claimed 1-mile range, and advanced noise control. So even if you aren’t filming, it’s nice to be able to talk to your friends or listen to your music through your phone’s Bluetooth connection.

Watching the video, it’s clear that the unit would benefit from some stabilization, but the video and audio are mostly clear. My only real complaint with the unit is that it sucks down battery while you’re filming or transfering data. You can connect it to an external battery for extended life, as it will still work when plugged in, but that’s just another thing to carry and wire up. Sena claims the 10C will get up to a full charge in 2.5 hours, so when it does run out, at least it will get back up to life pretty quickly.

For more information on the 10C Evo, head over to Sena.com, where the unit is also available for purchase.