RAM Mount Motorcycle Phone Mount Review

Quick-mounting universal phone mount system for your handlebars, the Tough Claw mount with X-Grip cradle

RAM Mount Tough-Claw and X-Grip mounted on the handlebars of a Victory baggerMorgan Gales

Every morning as I merge on to the I-5 freeway in Southern California, my head bounces from left to center as I cross into the fast lane to start my 22-mile journey to the Cruiser office. Only this morning, a van had dropped an array of god-knows-what all over the freeway, so as my head was facing backwards, checking the lane to make sure it was clear to change into, I was suddenly kicked off of my bike. The front hit with enough force to bend the bars down and taco the front wheel, but the back was what sent me flying. As the rear wheel hit, I was bucked up off the bike and spent a moment flying above it looking down at the motorcycle before grabbing the bars and landing with my stomach on the seat. Twisting the throttle to right myself and gain some stability, I was able to wrestle myself back on the bike and regain control. As I looked at the cars around me in disbelief and tried to look behind me to see what it was that I had just hit, I could feel that my tires were already almost empty and my wheels were seriously damaged. Once to the side of the road, I was able to fully assess the state of the bike, but I’ll be damned if my phone wasn’t sitting pretty and unharmed in my RAM mount. That was a damn hard hit, enough to bend the bars, and my phone was totally secure in the X-grip.

The X-Grip is a universal four-point mounting system that fits any phone smaller than an iPhone 6+ (they have a larger size for that). Rubber ends on each arm and a rubberized back to the mount keep your phone firmly locked in place. A double ball-hinge is tightened and loosened with a simple hand screw on the side, and used to adjust the position of the phone. The patented Tough-Claw quickly mounts onto your handlebars or frame and tightens firmly down. The simple attachment and detachment makes this tool easy to bring with you when you hop off the bike and the claw actually works great if you want to clasp it onto your desk, steering wheel, or whatever else you might like.

Plain and simple, this thing works. If you don't like having something hard mounted to your bike, this is the other option. Remove it when you don't need it, stash it somewhere when you park your bike or use it on a different motorcycle in seconds. The adjustable arm gives you tons of options as far as how you want your phone displayed as well. If you ride with tall apes, you may want to hang it upside down. The Ram Mount has been hopping bike to bike with me for over a year now and shows no real signs of wear. Sure the magnetic mounts are convenient as well, but I wouldn't trust one of those through a hit like the one I took the other day.

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