Quick Tips on Getting Your Bike Up And Your Tire Off

Need to make a tire repair? Here are some tips to help get you out of a situation

Removing tire
If your motorcycle doesn't have a centerstand, then removing the tire might be a little more difficult. Luckily, there are other options that can help you remove your tire or make a quick repair to get you to the nearest gas station.Cruiser

Your first hurdle is going to be removing the bike from the wheel—or is it the other way around? The service manual should document the procedure as well as list what tools you'll need. It's always a good idea to review the modus operandi beforehand, just in case.

You'll also need some way of supporting the bike upright off the ground, which generally means a bike lift or at least a sturdy stand and a couple of healthy buddies to help hoist your bike. If the bike's at home, none of that should present a problem.

Unless you're riding a bike equipped with a centerstand, getting a wheel off on the side of the road is going to be problematic. With help, it may be possible to rock the bike up on the kickstand and slide a block of wood under the frame or even hoist the thing onto a stump (don't laugh—I once saw four guys lift an Electra Glide onto a cement "mafia block" so they could pull the rear wheel). It may also be possible to borrow a small jack, which you could use in conjunction with the kickstand to hoist the bike high enough to remove the wheel. Either way, do give some forethought to what you'd do if a tire went flat out in the boonies. If that means stowing a can of aerosol flat fix on-board, do it. At the very least that should get you to the nearest gas station, where you can make arrangements for a proper repair.


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