Protect Your Neck (And The Rest Of Your Head) From Old Man Winter

Blizzard-proof headwear for cold weather motorcycle riding

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t ride your motorcycle. Wintertime rides can be as enjoyable as any ride taken on a sunny, spring day. The trick is to properly gear up for the cold and to keep your neck, face and the rest of your dome protected from the nasty wind chill.

There are a ton of winter-specific pieces of headwear designed to keep you warm from the top down. From full balaclavas to neck warmers to face masks designed from chill-cutting materials—you'll never ride without these again once the winter snap settles in. Make a small investment in winter headwear and never succumb to a numb face again.

Alpinestars Touring Winter Balaclava | $39.95

Some riders may not think about wearing a balaclava when riding this winter, but those who do will learn to appreciate one when temperatures drop. Alpinestars' winter touring balaclava is designed to block all excess wind on the road, which is what really cuts deep into your bones during these colder months. Aside from deflecting chilly wind, Alpinestars’ balaclava has been developed with a heavyweight, moisture-wicking yet breathable material that allows it to keep the rider comfortable in almost any climate, but especially proves its worth in the winter. The extended neck coverage adds to the level of protection, and flatlock seams allow for an unobtrusive fit and feel.Alpinestars

Klim Standard Neck Warmer | $19.99

This piece comes from a company that specializes in outdoor gear, so Klim's neck warmer can be folded and doubled up in multiple configurations to protect your neck, mouth, and nose from cold winter wind. The easily packable neck sock features Klim’s patented chemical-free fabric and is great for moisture wicking, offers quick evaporation, and is ultra breathable. This is a very agile piece that will serve you well on winter days, as well as days when dust and pollen saturate the air. There are so many ways to wear Klim’s neck warmer, you can make it work for however you need it.Kilm

Schampa Tall Neck Dickie | $23.25

Made from 200-weight fleece, Schampa's tall neck dickie is a winter wonder, as it protects the neck, face, and chest areas with extreme warming power and wind resistance. The double-layer extended neck tube can be pulled and folded down if face coverage isn’t necessary or desired at any given time. A cold-weather trip will not be complete without the protection that Schampa’s dickie offers to riders during cold winter months.Schampa

ZAN Headgear Paisley Neodanna | $11.38

For the price of admission alone, this wind-and water-resistant piece of stylish headgear is really a no-brainer. An adjustable Velcro closure allows for a perfect fit for almost any rider, and the level of protection while on the road is well worth every cent of ZAN's Neodanna. The Neodanna gets its name primarily from the neoprene construction of the face mask. With this particular piece, the 100-percent cotton paisley bandana offers an extra bonus that can be wrapped around your neck area for added warmth and coverage from the wind. The neoprene half mask is breathable and does protect your face from the bite of cold weather.ZAN Headgear

EVS Sports Sweat Beanie, Two-Pack | $19.99

Aside from keeping the top of your head just a little warmer in colder temperatures, EVS' Sweat Beanie also helps with sweat absorption, and allows for effective moisture wicking and breathability underneath a rider's favorite motorcycle helmet. Smart head layering will keep riders comfortable yet alert while out riding in winter weather. Although layers do their part in keeping body temperature at a comfortable level, sweat and perspiration are natural reactions—so make sure your layers do their part in working as hard as possible for you.EVS Sports