Pre-Ride Checklist with Leticia Cline

Things to check before every motorcycle ride

Safe riders have usually developed a set of good habits to keep them that way. Whether that means visually clearing every intersection before you cross it, or checking your tire pressure before you take off; keeping safety in the front of your mind can do nothing but help.

There are some things that can be done easily while just rolling your bike out of the garage, like checking your front brakes. Others take a little more involvement but will always be worth it in the long run.

If you're a new rider, it's good to start developing these good habits now. If you're a more experienced rider, you probably have a routine of your own, but it's a good idea to constantly check and update that routine with more safe practices.

We hope this pre-ride checklist is of good use to you and helps you remember what to look for before hitting the road! Ride safe!