Pack Animal Launches Rally Backpack Kickstarter

25-liter waxed-canvas pack is tough and practical.

Reworking the design and picking the best materials for each component is no small task.Pack Animal

The company Pack Animal has always been known for stylish and tough-as-nails carry systems. From duffels to backpacks, its leather and waxed-canvas style is both reliable and easily recognizable. Now after a brief hiatus, the company is returning with a refined product lineup—narrowing it all down to just one redesigned bag and only releasing it on Kickstarter (for now).

But what a bag it seems to be! From looking at the Kickstarter campaign, it is clear that this is a well-thought-out piece. The Rally Pack includes tie-strap points for your motorcycle, comfortable shoulder straps, weatherproofing, padded laptop compartment, and lots of small conveniences and comforts that you start to realize and find the more you use it.

I was lucky enough to have one of the first iterations of this bag and it was very well made. It broke in well and carried comfortably and easily, but there are a few improvements on the design and construction of the new bag that we are very excited to test out once the bags are shipped.

Head over to the Kickstarter page to get all the details on the new Rally Pack, and if you’re lucky, a few of the early bird deals might still be available, otherwise you’ll have to pay full retail at $324.