Dennis Hopper's Spirit Weighs in on Captain America Chopper Auction


First off, no, Motorcycle Cruiser isn't turning into The National Enquirer. However, in this interview, actor Michael Madsen, close friend of the late Dennis Hopper, talked about whether or not the recently auctioned Captain America Panhead was or wasn't the real deal in the mother-of-all biker movies, Easy Rider. At one point, he goes so far as to say Dennis Hopper's spirit speaks from the grave through Madsen and that the bike isn't the real deal.

All kidding aside, was the auctioned chopper really one of the Captain America bikes from the film? It is according to Dan Haggerty, who worked on the movie. Four Pans were made for the movie. Three were stolen, one was destroyed at the end of filming. In 2001, Haggerty reportedly rebuilt the demolished motorcycle. But what constitutes a valid restoration? Do you need all of the parts from the original? Is there an acceptable threshold of substitute parts you can swap in?