Motorex Active Foam Helmet Cleaner

Quick and easy antibacterial and deodorizing helmet cleaner

Helmet Care Active Foam from Motorex is a quick an easy solution to a problem we all face. If you’re like us, you’re pulling your head in and out of that lid multiple times everyday and riding hard when it’s in there. The fact is: things are going to get stinky.

Motorex Helmet Care Active Foam
Motorex Helmet Care Active Foam- $11.95Memorex Oil of Switzerland

To use this product, simply spray the foam onto the inside of your helmet, make sure you spray it all over and get everything covered, then give it a minute to foam up and activate. Once activated, simply wipe it off with a dry cloth, then let it air out until it’s fully dry.

The whole process took about 20 minutes and left my old helmet smelling fresh and feeling good! This is a product we look forward to using on all of our old helmets that start getting a little funky.

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