Keeping Your Helmet Fresh Between Washes

Keep the funk out of your lid without throwing your whole liner in the wash!

When you spend some serious dough on your helmet, you want to take good care of it CONSISTENTLY. Waiting too long to clean your lid will let that bacteria sit and soak in more than it has to making it more difficult once you finally do get around to it. So what do you do when you're on the go and realize how stinky your helmet is? Spray some of this foam in there and let it do its thing, then air dry for a little while you eat lunch or compose a piece of hate-mail for another motorcycle editor. By the time you're done, your helmet will be smelling great and a much nicer environment to stuff your head into.

This is not a replacement for more in depth cleanings, but a great option to help keep things nice and fresh in between.

The Motorex Active Foam Helmet Cleaner is available HERE for $15 and the one can has lasted me ages.