How To Take A Date On Your Motorcycle

Navigating the curvy highways of dating on two wheels

A motorcycle ride is a fun and cheap date option, just make sure you pick a good destination.Monti Smith

Congratulations! You’ve found someone crazy enough to hop on the back of your bike, and, even crazier, they’re going on a date with you! Now you don’t want to mess this up, you’ve got one shot, but hey–you’ve also got a motorcycle, so there is at least one thing working in your favor. Here are some tips to make sure that you don’t completely blow it.

  • Pick a destination that isn't too far**, but make it a decent ride. You want to keep it somewhere under an hour so nobody gets saddle sore, and if they decide you're a total creep, it won't be too much of a hassle to get home on their own. Unless your date has said otherwise, in which case go as far as you want, just pack accordingly—there's a high likelihood of that flannel you brought getting stolen.
  • Find a good spot based around something other than drinks. Don't forget you still have to bring your date home, and if things go well at the first destination, you can always suggest a drink somewhere closer to their place.
  • Don't showboat; no need to speed to show your date how fast you are. Chances are they'll care a lot more about you looking out for their safety. That said, don't make it boring either.
Motorcycles worked for him, they could work for you!Monti Smith
  • Get up to speed at least a couple times. You're on a motorcycle! While you do want to avoid highways, getting on one for a couple of exits to get out of town is often necessary and chances are your date agreed to this because they like excitement—give 'em some!
  • Don't talk about your motorcycle and motorcycle stuff the whole time—unless they're asking. If they are asking, never let them go.
  • Relax! They've had their legs wrapped around you this whole time and are probably getting pretty used to the feeling by now. As long as you have been mostly respectful and not a total dork, chances are y'all'll be getting cozy in no time.