Harley Custom Kings: Independence H-D

The Grind

harley custom sportster march madness
Rat-inspired, but not ratty.Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

Since Harley-Davidson challenged 64 dealerships to realize their idea of the king of custom Sportsters, we've seen 64 great bikes as a result. Sadly, this is a contest, so only one of them gets to make the final cut and win the crown as Harley's Custom King. Each week since the beginning of March, the general public has judged which rides would go on to the next round of judging, and which wouldn't. The field is now down to a fraction of the original 64, with just 16 Sportsters remaining. That field goes down to 8 as of this Tuesday, so get your vote for your favorite in before then. Independence H-D is the proud parent of one of the remaining 16 Sportsters still in the running for the title. Of their bike, The Grind, the dealership says, "Our inspiration came from a mix of rat bikes and brat bikes. We wanted a raw industrial design. (Enter corny punchline here)"

In a rare show of class, I'll refrain from the corny punchline. For now.

harley custom sportster march madness
Vote early, vote often!Courtesy of Harley-Davidson