Hand Cleaners That Scrub Skin Clean And Smell Good

Put pumice and muscle to work on dirt, grease, and grime.

Late full-throttle pitchman Billy Mays made his living promoting products on television. Mays got his big break with Orange Glo International, which was founded by Max Appel, who set out years earlier to create a household cleaner “that worked well, smelled good, and was environmentally safe.” OGI was later sold for hundreds of millions of dollars, and “a pleasant citrus scent“ remains a common feature among a number of domestic-use products.

That includes hand cleaners, several of which—Fast Orange, Gojo, and Orange Goop, to name three examples—also use the word “orange” in their brand names and/or descriptors. Another commonly touted ingredient is pumice, a highly porous igneous rock that forms during volcanic eruptions. Backed by a variety of skin conditioners, the abrasive nature of pumice helps scour grease, paint, and even stubborn tar from skin.

Gojo Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner works quickly to remove dirt and grime. Absence of harsh solvents keeps your skin looking good and feeling smooth.Amazon
Grip Clean Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner is an industrial-strength soap featuring cosmetic-grade bentonite clay said to remove everything from grease to toxins.Amazon
Zep Cherry Bomb has a cherry scent intended to counter strong residual odors, such as fuel. Moisturizers help hands feel good, even after heavy scrubbing.Amazon