H-D Custom Kings: The Maestro

Yellowstone H-D's hard-charging XL

harley custom sportster march madness
Ladies and gentlemen, The Maestro.Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

If you've been following Harley-Davidon's Custom Kings throwdown this month, you probably know the vote-off contest steadily weeding down the field. Last week, voters picked the 16 remaining Sportsters. One of the lucky entries was The Maestro from Yellowstone Harley-Davidson. The Montana-based dealership had this to say about their custom creation:

"The reigning National Champions at Yellowstone Harley-Davidson are back in action with another Custom Kings build. Taking it back to the root consumer of the Motor Company, our goal is to build an awe-inspiring machine that is unique but obtainable; one that could be built by the working man, the vet, or the woman that puts in a 12 hour work day, then heads straight to her own garage. Simply put, this bike will be just plain badass. Six months ago we put Belgrade, Montana on the map. We plan to keep it there."

harley custom sportster march madness
Yellowstone H-D's Maestro: does it play well with others?Courtesy of Harley-Davidson