Flash2Pass Garage Door Opener

Light switch actuated garage door opener

The complete Flash2Pass kit will make you look like a magician to your friends the first time you throw on those high beams and the garage magically opens.Staff

Don’t you hate having to get off your bike when you get home to open the garage door? Or having a big bulky opener in your pocket? Well, Flash2Pass is changing that with its flashing-of-the-high-beams system. It’s as easy as rolling up, flashing the high beams, and boom the door starts rolling up.

The Flash2Pass system costs $129, and it has everything needed to get the job done. Flash2Pass operates with most automatic garage door opener brands manufactured from 1982 until now. It is a simple install process that can easily be done by the average Joe.

Follow along as we install the Flash2Pass system on a Harley-Davidson Street Glide.

First things first, we installed the receiver in place of the old receiver inside our garage. There are different ways to connect the receiver, but this was the best way for our situation. Be sure to set the switches on the back of the receiver per your specific setup.Staff
With the new receiver wired up we moved to our bike, the Street Glide, and wired in the controller into the two high-beam wires and stored it inside the fairing behind the light.Staff
After we slapped the headlight back on we rolled the bike up to the garage door for testing. And just as described with a flash of the high beams the door opened. It’s much more convenient, and we didn’t have to change the look of the bike's switches!Staff