BMW Launches Motorrad Heritage Collection Line

The Germans want a piece of the moto-apparel market. Who can blame them?

Heritage Collection 2020
BMW Motorrad is launching its new Heritage Collection 2020, a line of riding gear and accessories that mixes classic cuts with modern touches.Courtesy BMW Motorrad

It's often said that Harley-Davidson sells way more T-shirts than motorcycles and that its clothing line is what sustains the company. Whatever the truth is, you can see why any motorcycle manufacturer worth its salt would want to get in on what's usually a pretty reliable revenue stream—and a super-easy investment to boot.

classic leather jacket
A classic leather jacket should be at the heart of any riding gear collection, and this one looks the business. But we’ll have to wait until January to be sure.Courtesy BMW Motorrad

BMW is the latest to join the moto-fashion ranks, and who can blame Beemer? The Germans' motorcycle division is launching its own Ride & Style collection for the first time (emphasis here on "style"), and calling it the BMW Motorrad Heritage Collection 2020. From what we've seen so far the line is pretty comprehensive and features a wide array of gear, with everything from leather riding jackets to denim to motorcycle gloves and boots, and all the way down to the usual knickknacks like belts, trucker hats, and T-shirts.

lace-up mid-height boots
Riding staples like lace-up mid-height boots make an appearance in the new Heritage Collection. Reinforced shifter area is a nice touch.Courtesy BMW Motorrad

The marketing release trumpets things like “timeless classics” and “iconic BMW Motorrad details,” so you know there’ll be some retro stuff in there. In fact, many of the pieces in the collection riff on classic BMW bikes which sported black metal parts painted with fine white lines (the so-called TwinStripes), and old branding makes it into some designs too. BMW says the Heritage Collection combines contemporary lifestyle pieces as well as traditional styles, with safety and functionality being in the mix too. According to the official release, the whole line “celebrates the history of BMW Motorrad and its long-lasting passion for motorcycling.”

BMW branding
To play up BMW’s long history in the moto game, original branding and classic metal logos will be found throughout the designs.Courtesy BMW Motorrad
Models posing with BMW clothing
Trucker hats, bandannas, belts—the new collection will carry all the usual suspects as well. Mohawk optional.Courtesy BMW Motorrad

Fair enough, there’s some history there to be celebrated. BMW Motorrad dates back to 1923, and the first BMW motorcycle to go into production was the iconic R32, with its air-cooled, flat-twin boxer. And while BMW may have introduced a rider equipment range back in 1978, the company’s Heritage segment didn’t come around until the launch of the BMW R nineT in 2014. Well, hang on, ’cause it’s set to expand dramatically to coincide with BMW Motorrad’s announced launch of a new production motorcycle in the second half of 2020. That, folks, will mark BMW’s entry—or rather, reentry—into the cruiser segment.

production cruiser
Sounds like BMW is timing this new apparel collection to coincide with the release of its new production cruiser.Courtesy BMW Motorrad

Hmm, did somebody say Concept R18?

The BMW Motorrad Heritage Collection becomes available in January 2020.