Big Boar’s 1,000-Amp Battery Install

We Need More Power!

Our bright-orange 1,000-amp Big Boar battery ready to get installed in the ’09 Road King.Staff

Bigger is always better, right? Following that logic, the 1,000-amp battery from Big Boar Products must be amazing! Coming in at $265, it is significantly more than just replacing with an OEM battery, but you don’t get 650cca with an OEM battery! This stands for 650 cold-cranking amps. Having 650cca would be important for high-compression engines or for colder-climate riders. It is a higher rating than stock, providing more power to get your starter spinning and ultimately cranking over that high-compression engine.

We installed this in a 2009 Harley-Davidson Road King that we have had as a project for the past year. The Road King has higher compression due to the Screamin' Eagle Stage IV kit installed. We have automatic compression releases installed, but having more juice behind that starter means faster starts and less strain and heat on the starter, resulting in a longer starter life.

Follow along as we swap out the OEM battery for the new beast of a battery, the Big Boar 1,000-amp!

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Starting off, make sure you pull the main fuse before starting to disconnect the terminals (located under the right side cover). With the fuse pulled we went ahead and removed the positive and negative terminal wires, starting with the negative wire (black), from the stock battery and pulled the battery out of the bike.Staff
With the old battery out we wasted no time and dropped in the new Big Boar 1,000-amp Battery and tightened down the negative and positive terminals starting with the positive wire (red).Staff
With the new battery installed we plugged in the main fuse and reinstalled the ECM on top of the battery in its brace, and just like that we had our new battery installed and ready to work!