Bear Butt Double Hammie

Quality double hammock from Bear Butt for awesome moto camping

Throw one of these awesome Bear Butt double hammocks in your pack or saddlebag next time you want to escape to the woods.Bear Butt

Let's all agree: moto camping is the best. When you've got the itch to get out of town and escape, not much beats jumping on your bike and disappearing into the woods for a weekend. But the eternal struggle is always trying to figure out what to pack due to the limited carrying capacity of a motorcycle. Not anymore with some sweet Bear Butt gear, though. Bear Butt makes quality double hammocks and the necessary add-ons like rain covers, mosquito nets, and heavy duty straps. The large size of their hammocks is belied by the fact that they're very small when packed into the carrying bags in which they come. One of their hammocks, a mosquito net, a rain cover, and a pair of straps together are lighter than your average tent, too. You could easily fit all that in your pack with a couple of sandwiches, a bottle of your favorite beer, a good book, and your camera with room to spare for whatever else you might want to bring along. Also note that they're double hammocks -- meaning that they're perfect for cozy two-up moto camping trips.