7 Tech Articles to Get You Wrenching

From wiring to handling, get to know your bike!

Getting started working on your own bike can be intimidating, but any little bit will help you gain confidence and start down the road to cheaper and more fulfilling motorcycle work. Even checking your tire pressure or changing a spark plug can make you feel like your bike is so much more your own, so we encourage any motorcycle owner to get in there and get involved with their bike. Here are a few articles from the past that can help you do just that!

Rake and Trail diagram
Playing the Angles- Gain and understanding of rake and trailStaff
Electronic Troubleshooting
Basic Electronic Troubleshooting- Tackling the motorcycle's electrical systemStaff
Lead acid battery
Battery Basics- What you need to know about lead acid batteriesStaff
Motorcycle tire tread
The Truth About Tread- Tired of not knowing your tires? Get a grip with this informationalStaff
Motorcycle tire tread
The New Riders' Guide To Basic Maintenance- From checking your spark plugs to your tire tread, the absolute basic of motorcycle maintenanceStaff
Motorcycle clutch maintenance
The Ins and Outs of Clutches- The clutch: Saving your engine from dying at a stop for over 100 yearsStaff
Accessory Instals
Accessory Installs Done Right- The right way to trick out your rideStaff

Hopefully this is enough to get you a little more comfortable with some of the systems on your bike and ready to dive a little deeper! Your connection with your bike through maintenance and customization will only deepen your appreciation of the ride!