6 Smartphone Apps for Motorcyclists

Apps to make life easier on the road

When I'm out on the road, my phone serves as music, maps, weather guide, a place to find good food, and much more. Here are some of the apps I use on a daily basis, whether for commuting or when I am out on the road on a longer trip. I'm sure you'll know some of these, but hey, maybe one can make your life a little easier.

Dark Sky App
Dark Sky Weather - IOS $3.99, Android $2.99 per yearDark Sky

This is the only weather app I use and has saved me TONS of headaches and wet rides. It shows you down to the minute (with great accuracy) how much rain you are going to get, as well as which direction the storm is moving with the radar function. I have been sitting at lunch, seeing that rain is about 20 minutes away, and we were all able to finish, suit up, and get on the road before the storm hit. Because we were riding the same direction the storm was, we stayed dry the whole ride. I hate paying for apps, and this one is definitely easier for iPhone users as it does not require a subscription like the Andoid version, but I paid the one-time fee and think it has more than paid for itself.

Yelp! - FreeYelp

Just about everyone knows what Yelp is. The community reviewing website and app are massively popular and a great way to find just about anything when you're out on the road. Need to find lunch? That's basic. Need a mechanic while you're out on the road? Here you can see what other people thought about local businesses and quickly find someone that's worthy of your hard earned cash.

Best Bike Roads
Best Biking Roads- $3.99Best Bike Roads

Best Bike Roads is still a pretty new app to me, but even the first time opening it I was able to find some awesome rides near my house that I had never been on before. Other riders can track their own new rides or download other peoples' in their area. The map feature lets you see what's around you or check out the rides wherever you might be headed. Rides are rated based upon road surface, visibility, scenery, corners, straights, hazards and police presence. I love this app so far and will be contributing and riding many of these routes in the near future.

Rever- Free, but some features require membershipRever

The Rever app is another ride/ road sharing app, but much better for sharing with friends or specific groups, as well as tracking your own rides and mileage. They also have challenges that you can take part in, like logging long miles or a certain number of rides. Rever lets you download maps that you can then access without cell reception, which is something hugely useful when you're a little ways off the beaten path. You can use many of the features on Rever for free, but many of the best features require the somewhat pricy membership at $5.99/month or $59.99/ year.

Waze - FreeWaze

Waze is an awesome app for dodging traffic. What most people tend to overlook, is the fact that it will alert you to police or hazards on the road as well. Once I was riding at night on a dark road and a couch had fallen off of a truck somewhere on the road ahead of me. Without the notification from Waze, I wouldn't have known to slow down and be on the lookout for this massive obstruction. If you live in a state where lane splitting is legal, it will sometimes take you a longer route to avoid traffic, and in those circumstances I prefer Google Maps.

Gas Buddy
GasBuddy- FreeGas Buddy

Just because our tanks are smaller doesn't mean we don't want cheap gas, too! GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas in your area with over 50 million users, so it is constantly updated and good anywhere you're gonna go. You can also win rewards from reporting and updating gas prices where you go, cause every penny helps, eh?