5 Protective Motorcycle Covers For Any Budget

Keep your bike safe and clean with these high-performance casings.

Motorcycle covered by motorcycle cover.
Protecting your pride and joy doesn’t have to mean busting your budget. A quality cover can be had for a reasonable price.Amazon

If you’re looking to protect your motorcycle from the harshest of outdoor elements but your budget is a bit tight, we’ve compiled a group of covers that are built to last and come in at a reasonable cost to meet your needs.

A motorcycle cover doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to deliver true protection from the elements. Most are designed to cover the entire bike, and many have built-in security features such as access ports for cable locks. These budget-friendly motorcycle covers provide all-season armor against even the harshest weather. Given the low prices of these wraps, it doesn’t make sense not to have one.

XYZCTEM XXXL Motorcycle Cover

XYZCTEM XXXL Motorcycle Cover on Harley-Davidson.
Durable yet soft, this motorcycle cover should serve you well for years to come.Amazon

This cover boasts that it will fit 99 percent of motorcycles on the road, which is great news for any owner of a large touring model. The high-quality cover is constructed from very durable fabric and features a soft anti-scratch lining that will protect your bike from the inside out.

The exterior will shield your bike from dirt, snow, ice, rain, bird crap, and damaging UV rays. Two aluminum lock holes and two windproof buckles will help keep the cover in place even in high wind situations. A free storage bag is thrown in to make traveling with the cover that much easier.

Favoto Motorcycle Cover

Favoto Motorcycle Cover
With reflective patches and a storage bag included, you can’t go wrong with this universal and wallet-friendly option.Favoto

If your budget is tight and you're not sure what size cover you need, the universal fit Favoto motorcycle cover might just fit the bill, for not a lot of money. It claims to work on Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW, Aprilia and other motorcycles that are less than 104 inches long. What's more, you're not skimping on the important stuff, with premium quality polyester fabric that's designed with built-in openings for your lock (to combat theft), as well as three reflection stripes along the exterior (for visibility). The whole package even includes a storage bag so you can tuck the cover out of the way when not in use, to help keep it clean.

Nelson-Rigg UV-2000 Motorcycle Half Cover

Nelson-Rigg UV-2000 Motorcycle Half Cover on white background.
When all you need is basic protection for your bike’s more sensitive areas, this half cover is just the ticket.Amazon

If you're tight on space while out on a trip or just more focused on protecting your bike's instrumentation and seating area when it isn't in use, Nelson-Rigg's half cover could be the right selection for you. The specially treated UV-busting nylon blocks an impressive 99 percent of the sun's harmful rays, as well as repelling just about anything Mother Nature can throw your way. All seams are electronically heat sealed to be 100 percent waterproof. An elastic bottom allows for a snug fit on just about all motorcycle shapes.

Favoto Motorcycle Cover

Favoto Motorcycle Cover on white background.
A good combo of safety features in a high-vis package complete with storage bag.Amazon

This particular cover is Favoto's upgraded version that now features thicker fabrics, an inner waterproof strip at the seam, and can withstand higher water pressure for better protection from rain, dust, UV rays, and regular everyday abuse. The Favoto's bright orange color is hard to miss, but as an added safety measure for nighttime, it also places three reflective stripes on the surface for extra visibility. A lock hole and two windproof buckles at the front and rear allow for full protection on windy days. Owners of bikes 104 inches and under will get lots of use out of this universal-fit cover that has all the features riders might expect from a unit three times the price.

Nuzari Motorcycle Cover

Nuzari Motorcycle Cover on white background.
A great selection of color and size options as well as a robust feature set make the polyester Nuzari an excellent choice.Amazon

While there isn’t a whole lot of difference between many motorcycle covers, Nuzari has done its part to offer a cover that is available in multiple colorways and sizes ranging from medium to XXL to fit any type of bike you may own. Aside from the many options on finish and size, Nuzari’s cover features a heavy-duty elastic bottom and luggage strap to keep the entire cover in place. An interior heat shield allows you to throw on the cover before the exhaust pipes have fully cooled down. A soft cotton windscreen protector ensures that even your bike’s most vulnerable parts are protected. Reflective strips allow for nighttime visibility, breathable air vents prevent the threat of tipping over even in the strongest winds, and durably sewn cutouts for chain and lock will keep your mind at ease at all times.