10 Radical Gifts For This Father’s Day

Get your dad some stylin’ presents that’ll come in handy all year long.

Roland Sands Design wallet with braided leather rope.
RSD has developed the perfect alternative to the chain wallet—a braided leather rope that is attached to its premium Riverside billfold wallet.Roland Sands Design
Boom! Audio 30K Bluetooth Helmet Single Headset
Boom! Audio’s wireless headset interface module.
MSRP: $299.95
With the use of Boom! Audio's wireless headset interface module, dad can link up the 30K Bluetooth helmet headset to achieve a truly integrated riding experience.

With the Boom! Audio 30K Bluetooth headset, Pops will be able to enjoy full stereo sound, and utilize the bike’s infotainment screen to configure the headset and setup existing hand controls for seamless operation. Dad will be able to cycle through his tunes, phone commands, GPS functions, and push-to-talk intercom functions all while keeping his mitts on the handlebars. The Boom! Audio Bluetooth headset will put out a talk time of up to 13 hours, and reaches full charge with only 1.5 hours of plug-in time.

Nexx XG100 Racer Record Helmet
Nexx’s XG100 Racer Record helmet.
MSRP: $429.95
If dad is an old-school purist, he'll dig the throwback '70s style of Nexx's XG100 Racer Record helmet and appreciate its modern characteristics.

Available in two retro colorways (red/cream and black/grey), the XG100 Racer Record helmet is the perfect riding accessory for a dude with a solid sense of style and deep connection with vintage aesthetic. This helmet from Nexx only appears to be a product of a bygone era, as it has been designed to meet modern standards of comfort and performance. The XG100 offers a full carbon composite exterior shell, a cushy removable interior liner, and all the bells and whistles to satisfy even the most discerning rider.

Harley-Davidson Giddens Boot
Harley-Davidson Giddens Boot
MSRP: $199.95
Dad might play by his own rules when it comes to his riding habits. In that case, get him something like H-D's Giddens boot that will be ready to ride in all weather conditions.

Introducing an all-weather boot that can legitimately battle damn near every condition, including wind, precipitation, cold, and heat, which will be of most importance these next few months. The Giddens boot features a waterproof lining that will keep feet dry and comfortable in the event of unexpected (or expected) wet weather. The Vibram rubber outsole optimizes traction and performance, while delivering a level of comfort with its heat-resisting characteristic that keeps the black leather thermally controlled to allow feet to remain as cool as can be during hot summer days.

Biltwell EXFIL-3 Bag
Biltwell EXFIL-3 Bag
MSRP: $79.95
Help keep dad organized and his pockets free of junk while on the road with the handy EXFIL-3 bag from Biltwell.

Constructed with UV-treated 500 tarpaulin PVC and equipped with water-resistant zippers, Biltwell’s latest addition to its luggage line, the EXFIL-3 bag, can easily mount on motorcycles with tall riser/bar combinations, or anywhere else its compact 6.75-inch wide by 10-inch tall by 3.5-inch deep footprint fits. This bag is perfect to stash a cellphone, wallet, keys, or any other items that are handy to have at arm’s reach. Seven MOLLE loops have been strategically incorporated to the exterior’s design to promote even more organization and stash-worthiness.

Merlin Maple Glove, Blue/Brown
Merlin Maple Glove, Blue/Brown
MSRP: $79
Does your dad prefer denim or leather? Whatever the answer, Merlin bet on both being correct, and incorporated dad's favorite materials in its updated Maple riding glove.

The incorporation of denim and leather gives Merlin's Maple riding gloves a look and feel all their own. Perforated portions of the leather allow for steady airflow, which dad will appreciate while he's cruising during the upcoming summer months. Reinforced knuckle and finger areas as well as a leather palm make for a high number of protective qualities, but it's the sheer uniqueness that will get Pops noticed when he's rocking these killer gloves.

Fivejoy Folding Military Shovel Multitool
Fivejoy Folding Military Shovel Multitool
MSRP: $59
If dad is an avid camper or just likes to spend a weekend or two in the wild over the summer, he'll get lots of use from Fivejoy's folding military shovel multitool.

The best thing about this multitool from Fivejoy is that it's portable and lightweight, which are bonuses due to the amount of function it delivers. This tool features a shovel (naturally), axe, hoe, saw, hammer, rescue knife, wire cutter, bottle opener, fire starter, whistle, glass breaker, paracord, measure—everything that dad can use during the annual family camping trip or a weekend getaway with his pals. The solid carbon steel shovel blade and aerospace-grade aluminum knife will last a lifetime, even with constant use. Whether dad is busy setting up camp, starting a campfire to cook dinner, or cracking a cold one after a long day's ride, this folding multitool will definitely come in handy on the road and as well as when at home.

No Toil Hand Cleaner
No Toil Hand Cleaner
MSRP: $9.99
Help keep dad's mitts clean after his regular garage sessions with detergent-based No Toil Hand Cleaner.
No Toil

Grease, grime, and oil never washes off easily, which is why there’s much reason to rejoice with the cleansing power of No Toil’s Hand Cleaner. This American-made detergent-based formula is not harsh or abrasive, but is extra tough on crud. This particular cleaner is pumice- and solvent-free, making it easy on the hands while it easily and gently removes all oil and grease residue. Get dad a couple of bottles so he’ll be fresh and clean as can be at all times.

Roland Sands Design Riverside Wallet
Roland Sands Design Riverside Wallet
MSRP: $65
RSD has its gear and accessory game on lock, which is apparent with its leather goods—most notably the Riverside wallet. It's sleek, rugged, and as handsome as your Pops.
Roland Sands Design

Just assume that your dad can use a new wallet every single year, and start him off fresh with a real gem. RSD's Riverside wallet features top-grain leather, a waxed-cotton interior, and a cool braided leather cord (just in case the old man hates the sound of a clanking chain all day). This billfold wallet has enough slots to stash a decent stack of paper, as well as enough plastic to have all the bases covered. Quilted accents and RSD logo trims give this piece an air of sophistication most wallets out there just can't deliver.

Hide & Drink Small Handmade Leather Tool Roll
Hide & Drink Small Handmade Leather Tool Roll
MSRP: $33.99
Every guy can use a good tool roll when packing up to hit the road for any period of time, but dad deserves a unique one like this leather roll from Hide & Drink.
Hide & Drink

With 10 staggered tool slots, your dad can pack up all his trusty wrenches and other tools he might need to access while on the road with this small leather roll from Hide & Drink. The bourbon-colored leather gives off that classy vintage appearance, and is durable enough to serve Pops for plenty of years to come. Hide & Drink hand-cuts each and every tool roll it makes and crafts them into little works of art in their own right. Dad can fill up his tool roll and stash it just about anywhere given its natural compact, lightweight size and shape.

R.O.C.K.S. Whiskey Chilling Stones Gift Set
R.O.C.K.S. Whiskey Chilling Stones Gift Set
MSRP: $44.98
Your dad is a true gentleman. Even if he's not, he still deserves to drink his whiskey like one.
Rocks Whiskey Chilling Stones

This whiskey-sipping gift set is perfect for the dad who likes to sit back and sip on a tasty spirit every now and then. This gift set from R.O.C.K.S. comes complete with six handcrafted round chilling rocks, two crystal sipping glasses, and a presentation and storage stand that will display it all perfectly on the home bar. Dad can quit slurping his favorite whiskey from empty jelly jars with crushed ice. Let him enjoy himself in style. If you're lucky, maybe he'll pour you a drink to show his appreciation.