The field was stacked; 51 of the wildest custom creations from countries across the globe dueling it out for the 2018 AMD World Championship Freestyle title. When the dust had settled at the 13th annual AMD custom bike battle, Dmitry Golubchikov of Zillers Garage had captured the prize for his supercharged Yamaha SR400 with an innovative steering system, bringing the trophy to Russia for the first time.

Yamaha SR400
Yes, a Yamaha. The Freestyle class-winning bike from Zillers Garage looks nothing like its base donor machine, a Yamaha SR400.Onno Wieringa/AMD World Championships

While the Freestyle-winning build may have started as a SR400, there's little that resembles its former self save the engine. The handmade frame sports an intricate collection of mounting points for his swiveling suspension system.

“The front and rear suspension have torsion bars working on twisting. The suspension has frictions in shock absorbers, and is adjustable in height,” Golubchikov stated.

The build is a demonstration in minimalism, from the single-tubed frame supporting the entire build to the brakeless front end to the suspended seat. Dual 21-inch Firestones frame the SR400 single, a series of belts and pulleys spooling up its chain-fed rear with supercharged fury. There are lots of fine details to admire, from the built-in chain tensioner behind the left footpeg to the stainless plumbing to linkages. His attention to detail definitely helped Golubchikov earn the respect of his fellow builders, who helped pick the Freestyle winner, with an assist from select guest judges.

Yamaha SR400
The front wheel is designed to turn with movement of the levers from the steering wheel.Onno Wieringa/AMD World Championships

“I want to thank everyone who has supported me and helped,” Golubchikov wrote on Zillers’ Facebook page, eager to share the victory with everyone involved. Along with the title of “Avon World Champion of Custom Bike Building,” Golubchikov will be wearing the 2018 championship ring as well.

Yamaha SR400
The supercharged engine is equipped with a roots-type air compressor.Onno Wieringa/AMD World Championships

In all, 98 custom motorcycles competed in this year’s AMD World Championships representing the work of 85 builders from 30 different countries. The United States had three shops at this year’s competition. Union Speed and Style out of Monticello, Minnesota, had the strongest showing among the American contingency, an eighth-place finish in the Freestyle class, with its 1947 EL inspired by early factory racebikes.

2018 AMD World Championship Freestyle Winner: Zillers Garage

Moscow, Russian Federation
Bike Name: Insomnia
Builders Name: Zillers Garage
Owner: Golubchikov Dima
Year/Model: 2018
Engine Make/Size: Yamaha SR400
Frame Make/Type: Handmade
Rake: 30°, stretched
Trail: 180mm
Front End: Handmade
Swingarm: Swinging
Drivetrain: Standard wet clutch
Wheels, Front: 21 in.
Wheels, Rear: 21 in.
Tires, Front: 21 x 3.00-in. Firestone
TIres, Rear: 21 x 3.00-in. Firestone
Brakes, Front: N/A
Brakes, Rear: Nissin
Paint: Acrylic, covered w/ matte varnish