Yamaha's Complete 2005 Cruiser Motorcycle Line

Here are prices, colors, detail changes and other info about all of Yamaha's 2005 cruiser motorcycles.

Yamaha announced its full 2005 cruiser line to American dealers in mid June, in time for most of its bikes to reach dealers before the summer riding season ends. The most significant new model announced then, the new Royal Star Tour Deluxe, will be in dealers by the end of the month, and most of the remaining models in Yamaha's 2005 cruiser line—including all the significantly changed models— will be available in July. Only a few minor-change models will wait until August or later to trickle in to dealer showrooms. The Ventures are scheduled for August deliveries to dealers, and the standard Warrior and some V-Star models are due in September and October.

Our previous article, posted on the day the 2005 new-model announcements were made, provided a look at some of the features of the new and revised models (in particular it showed many features of the new Royal Star Tour Deluxe) from the dealer meeting. Here we'll give a look at details, prices and changes to all the 2005 models, starting from the top of the Star model line.

**Royal Star Ventures: **Yamaha's big 1294cc V-4-powered tourer returns in both Midnight and standard versions for 2005. The Midnight gets a new dashboard design and chrome handlebar switch housings. Both versions have new billet-look front brake and clutch levers intended to enhance control, comfort, and vibration resistance. Cosmetic changes include clear turn-signal lenses, 3-D trunk logos, and a new ignition key design.

**Royal Star Tour Deluxe: **This new bike brings back the Royal Star Tour Deluxe name and concept in what is basically an entirely new motorcycle. The Royals are the V-4 Star models, and the Tour Deluxe name designates a bike with a windshield and mufflers on each side of the bike to make room for full-size saddlebags. However, this new bike is more closely related to the Venture than the old Tour Deluxe, enjoying the Venture's chassis features, cruise control, and the large airboxes nestled in the leg fairings (which enable the V-4 to breathe better and make more power than those old models limited by a tiny airbox under the tank). It also introduces quick-detach windshield and sissybar, which allow the rider to instantly tailor the bike for the day's (or night's) mission.

**Road Star Silverados: **Big news for fans of Yamaha's V-twin light-duty tourer is the locking hard bags on the Midnight version in place of the leather bags on the standard tan/silver version. Both models now have chrome passing lamps bracketing the headlight to increase style and visibility.

**Road Star Warriors: **The new Midnight version of Yamaha's 1670cc performance V-twin cruiser is the headliner here. Finishing the pipe, airbox, wheels, valve covers, headlight shell, instrument nacelle, turn signal shells, and other bits in black has made it look more menacing. Red logos and pinstripes on the wheels add just a glint of color. Both versions get clear turn signal lenses. The tank logo is low 3-D.

**Road Stars: **This year you can buy the basic Road Star 1700 in black with cast wheels or black-and-white with whitewall tires and wire-spoke wheels. The Midnight version has more chromed parts up on the handlebars, including the master cylinder, control levers, and switch housings.

**V-Stars: ** All the V-Stars now have new speedometer faces, 3-D sidecover logos, and clear turn-signal lenses with yellow bulbs. There are Midnight versions of the Custom models, and in both 650 and 1100 renditions the Midnights are actually $100 less than the standard V-Star Customs. The V-Star Classic and Silverado models in both displacements get chrome on the upper triple clamps, handlebar clamps and upper fork covers.

**V-Max: **Every V-Max built for the U.S. market for 2005 will be a 20th Anniversary model, with special serial-numbered plate. The company will build 2000 of this model, which is the usual run for the V-Max. The 2005 model also gets black wheels with red pinstripes and a red-flamed paint scheme.

**Virago 250: **The last Virago remains in the line unchanged.