Yamaha Zuma Offroad Project - Drowsports 155 Big Bore Kit

Yamaha Zuma offroad conversion project

So here is the deal, we picked this scooter up on the super cheap, $800, and fully functional. We really couldn't do anything on the street with it seeing as how we always have the latest and greatest motorcycles for testing it was just going to sit and rust off in some corner somewhere. So we decided to see if we could make it a decent little goofing off machine in the dirt. In stock form there was no chance so we started making a list of parts to help. We installed a set of bright ass LED Driving lights from PIAA before this video. I stripped off the turn signals, knuckle busters, mirrors and rear mud flap/fender.

Sneak Peak at the Pismo Beach Video, Stay Tuned (Drowsports 155 Big Bore Kit, Yoshimura Stainless Full Exhaust System and PIAA 5" LED Driving LightsKris Burkett

Anyway, in this video we went down to Drowsports in Signal Hill CA to get a big bore kit installed to give this little thing some balls to power through sand, dirt, whoops and jumps. (We took this to Pismo Beach already and it ripped! Stay tuned for that video) The owner Andrew installed a Taida 155cc Big Bore Kit for us and it jumped up the numbers from 7.42 HP & 6.26 TQ to 11.04 HP & 8.58 TQ. That is a big jump for something this small and lightweight. Drowsports has a ton of parts for your Ruckus, Zuma, Grom and are even developing parts for the new Honda Rebels.

We still have a lot planned for this fun little project so stay tuned. If you are local check out Drowsports at 1416 E. Burnett St Suite F Signal Hill CA 90755 Phone: (562) 997 - 3949 or check out all their parts on their website at drowsports.com We already took this project to Pismo Beach in CA and ripped around in the sand successfully and that video will be up soon. We also got an exhaust system for it and that video also will be up for you to see shortly. The final test for this project will be out on the dry lake bed in Apple Valley CA, we can see what she tops out at and see how it holds up in the whoops so stay tuned for all that content coming soon. And remember being on two wheels is all about having a good time and let me tell you, this little thing puts a grin from ear-to-ear on your face when you are ripping through the dirt going 65.

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