Yamaha XSR900 Walkaround

Video first impressions of Yamaha's new sport-heritage standard

For the past several years, riders in the states have been peering across the Atlantic Ocean like kids in a candy store window. The XSR700 and XJR1300 are two of the best looking and most capable bikes out on the market and we can't have them. Hell, we STILL can't have them. But we're getting closer.

Yamaha recently released this XSR900 as the first sport-heritage venture into the US and we couldn't be more excited about it. The three-cylinder engine has great character and an awesome range of power. It doesn't have that two-cylinder sound that we are so used to here at Cruiser, but we think we could get used to it.

For more info on the XSR900, visit YamahaMotorsports.com