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Stopping off at Wheels Through Time with Dale Walksler

Wheels Through Time
Part of a recreated old shop in the middle of the museumMorgan Gales

When we pulled into the museum this morning, there was a small group of people gathered around one man out front. He had wheeled out a 1913 Harley Davidson and was starting to rotate two bicycle-style pedals when the thing bursts to life. He tickles the throttle and makes a few adjustments while revving it up for the people looking on, all the while with a heartfelt grin on his face. The Wheels Through Time Museum is full of some of the rarest bikes in the world. In fact, if you google "rarest bike in the world," you'll see it sits in his collection, along with many other contenders for that title. But just as valuable as seeing all of the incredible pieces of transportation history, is having the chance to talk to the man who put it all together: Dale Walksler.

Dale Walksler
Dale posing for a picture with a friend in the museumMorgan Gales

Walking through his museum with him, it's obvious that Dale would stop and talk to each and every person he could. He is passionate about what he does, and wants to share it. His knowledge is so vast, and his collection is so MASSIVE, that it's almost imposible to comprehend in just one visit. You could take any three american-made motorcycles, from any time period, take them all apart and jumble the parts up in a box, and Dale's the guy that could give you back three bikes again.

"This is serial number 1 of 18, this is serial number 18 of 18." was a common phrase coming from Dale's mouth. We would walk by and he would recite serial numbers off the top of his head. It is truly unfathomable how he retains such incredible knowledge, but the fact that he is so eager to share it and spend time with the people coming to see his bikes is what makes this establishment one of our favorite places we've ever been.

Wheels Through Time
Beautiful old road racing Harley-Davidson K modelMorgan Gales

It is our opinion that if you are passionate about motorcycles, this place needs to be on your bucket list. There is no place to see and experience the history of motorcycles like at the Wheels Through Time Museum, and nobody to better guide you than Dale Walksler.

Be sure to check out their website HERE and take every opportunity you get to find out more about this wonderful place!

Wheels Through Time
Editor Jordan Mastagni placing his pin at his point of originMorgan Gales
Wheels Through Time
A prosthetic leg attached to a motorcycle to enable a handicap rider to stay mobile on two wheelsMorgan Gales
Wheels Through Time
What some people would do for the parts on this wall...Morgan Gales
Harley-Davidson pea-shooter
Serial number on a Harley-Davidson pea-shooter he is currently restoringMorgan Gales
Wheels Through Time
Early-model Harley-Davidson riveted tankMorgan Gales
Wheels Through Time
The paint, contours and patina on these old tanks is stunning.Morgan Gales
Wheels Through Time
Inside the main room at Wheels Through TimeMorgan Gales
Wheels Through Time
It's not all bikes at the museum! There are some cars there, too!Morgan Gales